Footballism from futuristika on 8tracks Radio.

Neute Nacht (Katyusha Rock Version) – Dodelhaie
Spokój – Drekoty
Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya – Dropkick Murphys
Chant ‘ma Nsma7 Fik’ – Helala Boys.. .
Mehmet Scholl – Dan Haag
Was Wollen Wir Trinken – Oktoberklub
You’re A Fucking Bastard (Hooligans) – The Exploited
Oi ! OI! music , football and beer – Battle Scarred
Oi And Football – Generation 69
My Heart Beats For You… – [Ael 1930 Gate 3 1989] The Drug Is Football – Vanilla Muffins
Hooligans – Bolchoi
Oi! Oi! Oi! – Cockney Rejects
Hooligan – Skinfull
Football Song – The Ejected

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