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Aylık Arşiv: Ocak 2016


Peter Gallway – Reversal [Muscle and Bone]

Gallway Bay Music announces Muscle and Bone, the new solo CD release written, performed, produced, recorded and mixed by acclaimed singer-songwriter and producer Peter...

Gilles Deleuze – J as in Joy

the ABC Deleuze interview with Claire Parnet, the letter J.

Noah Fleischman [Roil Noise Offensive] Antimusiki mesele

Röportaj: Erman Akçay | Çeviri: Mutlu Yetkin Merhaba Noah, nasılsın? Kansas Underground’da havalar nasıl, bu  aralar neler yapıyorsun? Çok şey yapmıyorum açıkçası. Dikkat çekmemeye, o yakalanması...

Robert David Elwood: Tuhaflık

Söyleşi: Erman Akçay, çeviri: Begüm Kurç

Robert David Elwood: Illustrating the grindcore

Robert is a young illustrator and animation artist from Minneapolis, United States. He is drawing cool bizarre sick worlds and we asked some questions to him about this twisted art.Hello Robert, how long have you been in the world of comics?R.D.E:    I’ve been making art since 2007 but in 2013 a friend of mine published this independent comic called pure insanity that I and a few other artist contributed too, that was the first publication that showed my work although I guess I’m still relativel